Saturday, December 19, 2015

What we witnessed

What we witnessed

For my godchild,
Ben Flom,
on the occasion of his confirmation
at St. Paul’s-in-the-Pines Episcopal Church
Fayetteville, North Carolina
December 20, 2015

When the waters of life
on that late autumn day
 washed over you,

a flame within you
suddenly and even more brightly

than the Paschal flare
above us.
I saw it!

and rejoiced in it!
as we all did
who stood there

at this moment
of absolute grace,

in the waters
beneath you.

And as that water
dried, we all
gazed into your eyes

and saw divinity
staring back. You were—
as we all are—

a child of the unstoppable
unrestrained Love
that came to us

in these same waters,
in this same anointing,
in this same candle flame

that made us—
and you—
in turn

to be
unrestrained Love.

 --Jamie Parsley

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