Sunday, July 2, 2017

On the Feast of St. Alban

For Linda and Mike Hall on the 10th anniversary of their ordination to the Diaconate

There was a change.
It was an electric charge we felt

there, above us
subtle as a breeze.

There was a spark
as it came upon you,

with anointed hands
laid upon your heads.

It kindled a flame
among the husks

and tinder
of former lives.

Everything in you that was not needed
was shed

to embrace that one holy moment
when the veil—

that ephemeral barrier
between us and them—

was lifted,
and heaven

drew close.
In that moment

the ground at your feet
was sacred as Sinai.

In that moment,
the earth and all its promises

What happened there

before the altar
was fire. We saw it

as it shook its wings
and spread.  


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