Sunday, April 16, 2017

At the grave of Dolores Frank (on her 100th birthday)

At the grave of Dolores Frank
(April 16, 1917-December 17, 1962)
Calvary Cemetery,
Rockville, Minnesota

For Gin Templeton, on her birthday

There was never
a question,

no what if?
There was only

a mind-numbing

and a faith
in matters

greater than anyone
could fathom.

But we can
still hope

even now
in this strange, distant future.

We can say—
and believe—

that what was put away
here in this earth

one December day,

and missed more deeply
than anyone could even say then,

will, one morning in some
even stranger, more distant future,

escape the long, sharp
shadow of this calvary

and live

--Jamie Parsley

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