Friday, June 4, 2010

3 new poems in the latest issue of Danse Macabre


Three poems from my upcoming book, Fargo, 1957 were just published in the latest issue of Danse Macabre.
Fargo, 1957 is the book of poems about the June 20, 1957 tornado that struck Fargo which is currently in production at the Institute for Regional Studies at North Dakota State University. It should be published later this year

Take a look:


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff - your work has lyricism and impact: but I don't quite get what Vittorio De Sica has to do with your poems, but that's o.k. -it's one of my favorite movies.

I moved from New Orleans about 5 years ago, shortly before Katrina hit. There is an exhibit at the Western Heritage Museum here about forces of nature. The part of the exhibit about Katrina had a dramatic effect on me: which surpised me. I was close to tears, which doesn' happen to me often.

I liked Jules and Jim only because of Oskar Werner, who does a man having brain aneurism better than any actor, living or dead.

Anonymous said...

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