Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barney & Whitney Haugen wedding

Kragnes, Minnesota
August 15, 2009

I am so happy to be a part of this service this afternoon. When I think back over the last few years, I realize that it has been a great experience to get to know Whitney and Barney. I don’t think I need to tell anyone here about how wonderful a couple Whitney and Barney are. And it was especially fun for me to have some small part in this celebration. I think all of us here this afternoon must feel this same way for Whitney and Barney. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

Whitney. Barney. We—the people you have chosen to be here with you this afternoon—are behind you. We are here to today to say “yes” with you to the love and the commitment you have for each other. I do hope, that for the rest of your life together, you will remember this evening fondly.

When things just aren’t working for you—when you have bad days –and you know they will be there—I want you to remember how you felt tonight.

When you get angry at each other—and you know you will—I want you to be able to look back at this night and find consolation in your memories.

When your children come along, remember this day and think about all of those who love you and care for you and support you.

My special hope is that you will always celebrate the anniversary of this day with joy and gladness over what we all are celebrating today.

More than anything, however, know that as you go from here into your life together, you go with the love, the prayers, the best wishes, the hopes and the dreams of all of us who have walked with you this far. Know that you never have to go it alone. There will always be someone with you—of course, your spouse. And we, who are here with you today, will always be there for you as well.

Know also that God is here with you as well. God has been working in you from the very beginning. We, in the Church, call those moments when God grants us something we don’t ask for or even fully anticipate, Grace. This love you have for each other is a perfect example of Grace in our midst. And it is this grace that I hope you can recognize the rest of your lives.

And with that, I think it’s time to get married.

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Unknown said...

I am ever grateful to be a small part of your journey....
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