Monday, July 7, 2014

Vegan Diary: 7 Months Vegan

So…I’ve been vegan 7 months as of last Saturday and I can say this: I have never gone his long in my entire life without being sick with a cold or the flu or a flare-up of my ulcer or my “grumbling” appendix or some other health issue of some sort.
Of course, usually by this time of the year, I would be so miserable with allergies (especially in this humid weather) that I could barely function, even with medication. Not so this year.
As I look back throughout my life at my ridiculously long list of medical issues that included cancer, car accidents, multiple fractured bones, allergies, etc, I should be in some pretty awful shape right now. But here I am today, taking no medication of any sort for anything, not even experiencing a sniffle or an ache or pain of any sort.
Even my chronic insomnia (with which I suffered since I was a teenager) is a long distant memory.
I was a vegetarian on and off for almost twenty years and, even then, never felt anything close to what I feel right now having given up dairy.
I can say in all honesty that I am feeling better at age 44 than I did even as a teenager.

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