Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vegan Diary: Six days dairy-free

Around this same time two weeks ago, I drank my last Diet Coke. I can say that I am feeling absolutely incredible now. It was tough. The withdrawal was hard at moments. But  I never once have been tempted to drink it, though there have been moments when, out of habit, I find myself just about to order one. Or, worse, there are moments when I crave it. But no set-backs. Just a steady course forward.

What I have noticed in myself s that I am much calmer than I have ever been before. I had been dealing over the last few years with sort of underlying anger. That seems to be gone. That feeling of jittery, taut-cat kind of feeling is definitely gone. I don’t feel tense at all, which is a new experience.

It has been six day dairy free. Actually, I realized that some (minor) things I was enjoying I thought were dairy free weren’t, so it’s actually been maybe two days of being truly dairy-free.

Last night was difficult. I sort of panicked thinking about what I was going to possibly do without dairy in my life. It just seemed to daunting and impossible. But I slept on it and awoke this morning feeling renewed and re-committed.

It also didn’t hurt that I re-watched one of my guilty pleasures, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (I am nuts over the graphic novels too). The whole confrontation with Todd Ingram has weird new meaning now. I too fear my own personal Vegan Police ("no vegan diet, no vegan powers"). And I do feel like I am striving to graduate from some idealized Vegan Academy—at least this week…

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