Monday, December 16, 2013

Vegan Diary: 1 1/2 weeks Vegan

So, I’m heading into my second week as a vegan (and still going steady without any diet soda—that almost seems like old news now). It has certainly been interesting. The weight is most definitely coming off. The taste of food is becoming much more refined.I have discovered the incredible and wonderful world of almond milk! I’ve had my first ever vegan nog.  And the strangest thing of all: my allergies have cleared up. I have never known a time when I haven’t had some kind of allergy problem during the night for example. For the first time ever, no trouble sleeping during the night. Waking up, I feel clear-headed.

Plus, I am learning to maneuver the pitfalls of this whole new lifestyle. An example: last night I was a Lucky’s 13 and ordered a veggie burger. I asked the waitress to hold the mayo on it and asked her twice if there was any other dairy in it. She very nicely said she would check, but she didn’t think so. The burger arrived and, sure enough, under the lettuce, was mayo. I brought it her attention, she apologized profusely and brought me another mayo-free burger.

Tonight, I went to HuHot for supper. Lots of vegan options, which amazed me. Only after I got back to the table did I begin to wonder about the Chinese noodles I had on my plate. Did they contain eggs? Does all pasta have eggs? A quick google search (I have no idea what vegans did before the internet and smart phones) and my conscience was cleared and I could enjoy the meal.

Yes, it’s a bit more of a hassle than in the past, but it’s all worth it. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. If these are the benefits a week and half in, I’m curious what a month in will be like.

And so, I will continue onward.  

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